To the day; Welcome to our delicious world, where you will start with the delicious breakfast varieties of Yumurtea, taste the special flavors of Turkish, World and Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner, and enjoy your best meetings with teas from different geographies of the world!

Here; The smell of the delicious meals of private chefs mixes with the smell of freshly brewed black tea... Your special days gain meaning here, and taste and pleasure add to every day here...

Food and tea enjoyment

KEIFI is a very special place where ideas created for "tea" for the first time in Turkey are combined and implemented.

Its emblem is the stylized version of the tea flower. Multiple tea leaves represent our special and unique tea varieties and different flavors.

KEIFI; It is a derived word that hides the meaning of "pleasure and enjoyment". KEIFI; It is a valuable brand that symbolizes simplicity and elegance, makes you feel special and gives pleasure with its privileged presentation.

While expressing that we are a Turkish brand with red and white colors; The white color emphasizes the purity and freshness of the tea, and the red color emphasizes the clarity and quality of the tea.